How to participate in the test

This is the page to apply for the clinical test done by Korea Dermatology Research Institute (KDRI)

Test Procedure

  • 01 Check the recruitment announcement
  • 02 Apply for the test
  • 03 According to the testing schedule
    Visit the testing center after checking the individual notification
  • 04 Description of testing product and
    Sign the agreement
  • 05 Instrument analysis and visual evaluation
  • 06 Hand out the products
  • 07. After returning back home, in accordance to the guideline
    use the product
  • 08 join the test with the same method
  • 09 get paid for the subject fee

subjects in general
Excluded conditions

  • Sensitive skin or skin with skin diseases
  • people who are taking or using the skin problem related medications
  • pregnant or breast feeding, people who have the possibility of being pregnant
  • People who has already joined the same test within 6 months (Exceptions for some test)
  • People who regularly gets the skin care treatment

Notice for participation fee

participation fee noticed in advance will be given after the clinical trial test has been completed