What is Clinical Trial test

Let me explain the definitions and basic principles of human factors testing.

Definitions and basic principles of clinical trial tests of cosmeticsis

Test(hereinafter referred to as “the test”) conducted to examine the clinical effects of the cosmetics for the purpose of demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of cosmetics and to examine harmful cases

Basic principles of clinical trial tests

n1The safety and welfare of the subject are more important than the profits of science and society
n2Clinical trial tests should be conducted in accordance with the ethical rules, applicable guidelines and relevant provisions of the Helsinki declaration
n3Clinical trial test shall be scientifically valid and the plan and report shall be clear and should be described in detail.
n4The medical service given to the subjects or decision making of the subjects must be done under doctor’s reponsibility
n5Everyone involved in the clinical trial testing must have appropriate training experience to perform their tasks.
n6Prior to participating in the testing, all participants should have a voluntary participation in clinical trials.
n7All information related to the clinical trial test should be recorded, processed and preserved to enable accurate reporting, interpretation, and verification
n8All records of the subject’s identity must be treated in accordance with the relevant provisions to ensure confidentiality
n9The safety of cosmetics (or substances) should be proved before conducting the test
n10Clinical trial tests should be conducted under a system that ensures reliability
n11Subject matter not specified in other guidelines should be in accordance with pharmaceutical laws and regulations and clinical trial management standards.